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Vibe Media House is an established production company in the heart of the Welsh creative scene. We produce high quality media for world renowned institutes. Giving only the best to our clients, the team at Vibe constantly deliver a high standard of creative video from full production video shots to complex 3D animation sequences. 

Video Production

We are proud to produce videos to exceptional quality, that has allowed our clients to showcase their stories in an effective and unique way.

Voice Over

Our team has over 30 years of broadcast experience at producing voice over. Be it for audio box, audio presentations or public messages.

Digital Marketing

We create content for all the social media platforms and   work towards achieving your marketing goals.

3D Graphics

Our team have a wide skill set and can produce a variety of graphical work; from complex medical or engineering 3D sequences to fun and energetic 2D animations.

Graphic Design

High quality graphics, logos and branding, bespoke and tailored towards your business.


Transfer your family VHS tapes to preserve those bygone memories.

Send us your old VHS tapes by post and we'll send you a DVD!


Shooting with high quality cameras and staff with years of experience, we only capture the best photos for your business.

Live Events

A multi channel vision mixer coupled with broadcast quality recording devices linked with a team of seasoned professionals, we offer a service like no other.


Get in touch with us! We can meet up over coffee and discuss your next creative project.

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Based in Swansea, UK

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