Transfer your family VHS tapes to preserve those bygone memories.  Each tape will require the recording to run the full length to transfer – there is no quick fix! 

Please check the tape length before posting.  Please ask when booking how long the turn around time is for an accurate time frame. Transfer is valid for VHS, mini DV, HI8, memory cards and mobile phone footage.

IMPORTANT:  Customers send their tape, and must include NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER AND E.MAIL. 

Send Via First Class recorded, special delivery or courier to: UNIT 1A, NATIONAL WATERFRONT MUSEUM, MARITIME QUARTER, SWANSEA. SA1 3RD

Cost of a 2 hour transfer is £15.00 - £5 per hour thereafter.

Return postage is £5.99 (UK)

Vibe Media House currently returns all films and tapes via secure courier.  Once work is completed, courier will take 2 working days.

NB: Due to copyright laws, we are unable to transfer original tapes that have been produced with the (c) symbol.


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